Salah Satu Cara Membuat Infografik

Sebagai bentuk paling sederhana dari jurnalisme data, infografik bertujuan salah satunya menyajikan gambaran besar tentang suatu hal melalui kombinasi teks, ikon, gambar, dan warna. Di bawah ini adalah contoh infografik yang saya buat untuk buku Panduan Melakukan Jurnalisme Data tentang Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (2015). BPJS Kesehatan adalah lembaga yang bertugas menjalankan Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN), sebuah program pemerintah untukContinue reading “Salah Satu Cara Membuat Infografik”

Dua Prinsip dalam Menulis NonFiksi

Tulisan ini diambil dari naskah buku panduan jurnalisme daring yang sedang saya buat. Pemakaian bahasa yang baik adalah keunggulan utama jurnalis. Jurnalis sudah seharusnya unggul dalam menggunakan tulisan daripada kelompok profesi lain. Ini sudah lama diketahui secara luas di negara maju. Bila ingin sekolah jurnalisme (dan juga komunikasi) di Amerika Serikat, skor TOEFL kita harus lebih tinggi daripada jika inginContinue reading “Dua Prinsip dalam Menulis NonFiksi”

Japanese journalist on nuclear energy

By Engelbertus Wendratama Today the way most Japanese people see nuclear energy is different from how they did before the March 2011 Fukushima disaster. There are wide public protests against nuclear power, calling for it to be abandoned. This radical change of attitude occurred in many Japanese journalists, including Rie Yamada, who has been reportingContinue reading “Japanese journalist on nuclear energy”

Patients requesting more rights in accessing medical marijuana

By Engelbertus Wendratama Some patients with debilitating conditions praised the regulations proposed by the Department of Public Health, noting the DPH has listened to their concerns and revised its first draft. However, they still proposed changes in the regulations. In a public hearing held April 22 at the DPH office, Steve Saling, who suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, asked the DPH not to limit a patientContinue reading “Patients requesting more rights in accessing medical marijuana”

Drug prevention groups asking for stricter marijuana law

Substance abuse prevention groups raised various concerns on medical marijuana dispensation, ranging from possible black market activities, dispensary regulation, to edible marijuana-infused products. In the public hearing on April 22, they shared their views on the marijuana draft regulations. Dave Morgan, chairperson of the Weymouth Youth Coalition Substance Abuse Prevention Team, said that the maximum limitContinue reading “Drug prevention groups asking for stricter marijuana law”

Attorneys and advocacy groups raised comments on dispensary rules

While noting that the majority of the regulations drafted by the DPH are well-thought out, several attorneys and coalitions of entrepreneurs said some regulations related to dispensaries are too restrictive and need to be reconsidered. In a public hearing at the DPH office held April 22, a Massachusetts-based attorney Douglas Noble addressed two issues related to marijuana dispensary. First, the requirementContinue reading “Attorneys and advocacy groups raised comments on dispensary rules”

Award-winning program guides Dorchester’s youth to college

By E. Wendratama College Bound Dorchester’s College Connections program has received a Community Partnership Award from Mutual of America for its work in guiding the neighborhood’s high school dropouts toward college. College Connections offers high school dropouts aged 16 to 27 courses in English, Social Studies, Science, Humanities and Math. The program is entirely free, and expertsContinue reading “Award-winning program guides Dorchester’s youth to college”

Emerson panel debates 2nd Amendment’s reach

By Engelbertus Wendratama In the third of a series of Emerson College panels on American’s “gun violence culture,”  panelists shared different interpretations of the Second Amendment, but agreed that politicians and not the courts should formulate gun control laws. One of the four panelists, Mark Tushnet, a constitutional law professor at Harvard Law School, said heContinue reading “Emerson panel debates 2nd Amendment’s reach”

Savin Hill residents shake off daytime stabbing

By Engelbertus Wendratama Several Savin Hill residents dismissed a brazen daylight stabbing near the Savin Hill T station Monday, saying the attack was not a random crime and would not affect the neighborhood’s reputation. “It was a tragedy, but I think it doesn’t represent a safety issue in the neighborhood,” said Andrea Rossi, who sawContinue reading “Savin Hill residents shake off daytime stabbing”

The business of dispensing marijuana

By Engelbertus Wendratama One person who is eagerly anticipating the medical marijuana business in Boston is Jon Napoli. As the owner of Boston Gardener, a store supplying urban gardening needs, Napoli has been teaching classes on how to grow marijuana since January. He hopes when the medical marijuana law is implemented in May, marijuana patientsContinue reading “The business of dispensing marijuana”