Regulating marijuana dispensation in Massachusetts

By Engelbertus Wendratama In a “listening session” on medical marijuana held Feb. 16 at the Roxbury Community Center, David Kelly, a disabled patient and disability activist, asked Massachusetts health officials to leave the marijuana prescription up to the physicians. “There are different strains of marijuana, each for a particular condition of the patient. Only the […]

Changes on the new Mass. marijuana law?

By Engelbertus Wendratama Sen. Stanley Rosenberg is likely the most quoted state legislator on the medical marijuana issue. As one of the proponents of the Massachusetts medical marijuana initiative, the democratic senator said he believed that the new medical marijuana law is too loose in two aspects, and he’s trying to fix them. First is […]

The Murder of Munir: A Perfect Crime? (Chapter One)

This is the chapter one of The Murder of Munir: A Perfect Crime?, a narrative journalism on the murder of Munir Said Thalib, an Indonesian activist who was poisoned during a Jakarta-Amsterdam flight in 2004. This book was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in Indonesian in 2009. Most parts of the book were based on my observations, […]